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Everyone Telephones and Everyone Televisions, but do you TELELife?

Find out what it is and how to start to TELELife to guarantee yourself a better lifestyle and future

My story

Thank you for your interest in TELELife and for your time.  I like to introduce you to TELELife and share with you simple proven methods that will transform your life to what you want it to be.  A double major graduate from the University of Southern California at the age of twenty with an Executive Program at Harvard Business School and a certified international coach.  For more than twenty years I have traveled the world as an executive, entrepreneur, music composer and coach with individuals, start-up companies and conglomerates such as Google, Microsoft, SAP and others.  Let’s meet and start to TELELife to guarantee yourself a life style and a future that you always strive for.



The challenges to balance relationships and career caused me to get off track in my life until I met Sam.  He guided me to TELELife and I must say that after just a few months my life now is perfect.

N. Tengku

Human Resources Executive


Sam’s knowledge and intuition have amazed me on how simple it is to TELELife.  His methods have proven to be right every time.  Results are instantaneous.  TELELife should be everyone’s priority.

Eric D.


Through the various sessions with Sam, I understand how to simplify the obstacles in life and convert them to positive outcomes.  To TELELife is to look and manage life from a different perspective that allows you to take control of your destiny and make your dreams a reality.

Lauren F.

Client Relations Manager

Blue Cross Blue Shield



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